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Our Mission

We, at BioStrand, are on a mission to make genomic analysis available for everyone. Today, genomic data analysis is a complex series of operations. Often only highly skilled professionals are able to perform these analyses. Moreover, costly subscriptions in order to compute and store these genomic data are needed. Despite all the efforts, current analysis is far from flawless and contains huge amounts of errors! To make fundamental progress in precision medicine, these problems will have to be tackled first. 

We at BioStrand can solve these problems. Therefore, we are working hard to create a platform that brings together everyone involved in genetics. We have reduced sequence data assembly, alignment, mapping and variant identification to one single operation. And best of all, it is lightning fast and tremendously accurate! So, say bye to waiting, errors and frustration!  


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Our Innovative Technology

BioStrand is the first since the Eighties to come up with a completely new and out of the box solution for genetic data analysis. Where next generation sequencing revolutionized sequence data generation in the last decade, BioStrand now revolutionizes sequence data analysis. With our fundamentally new method we make sure that genomic data analysis finally can keep pace with genetic data generation. 

Did you know current genomic search tools fail to show you more than 25% of relevant results? Did you also know that the current algorithms you use to reconstruct and search your genomic data contain tons of errors?  

BioStrand knows! BioStrand fixes! We unlock the true potential present in omics data and close the gaps towards precision medicine. Just in time. 

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"Healthy scepticism is the basis of all accurate observation."

Arthur Conan Doyle

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