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Current Challenges of OMICs Analysis

Omics data, including DNA, RNA and protein data, is challenging to manage and analyse:

  • All data resides in silo's and are hard to integrate.
  • Each data set requires a multitude of analysis tools and workflows.
  • All data, new and existing, are so large that processing it outruns computer power.

The heterogeneity of omics data is the common cause of these challenges.


Omics Analysis Challenges
How can we use OMICs data more efficiently?
Transversal OMICs language -HYFTsTM

The Unique BioStrand Solution

An integrative and scalable technology using a new, transversal language (HYFTsTM). HYFTsTM is capable of handling all of the complexity in biology.

  • Default integration of OMICs layers and associated metadata

  • Gathering multiple tools and tasks in a universal workflow

  • Scalable platform leveraging proven big data technology


Omics Analysis Solution

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HYFTs Connecting the Dots and Databases

BioStrand OMICs Analysis Solutions

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Single User Tool: Retrieve & Relate

This is the ultimate search engine for multi-omics data for bioinformaticians and researchers. Retrieve & Relate (R&R) is a self-service omics data analysis platform making all omics data insightful and searchable. Our platform offers you a shortcut to new insights & knowledge: reveal what is already hidden in your data.

  • The ultimate search engine for multi-omics data.
  • Capable of performing cross database lookups, Retrieve & Relate is your go to sequence search tool.
  • Surpassing state of art tools in the amount of information included, speed and accuracy. R&R enables you to find similar sequences across multiple databases in just seconds.
  • Next to simultaneous multi database search, we also search across all omics layers.

Enterprises: Omics Data Analysis & Management Platform

Our Omics Management & Analysis tool empowers organisations to accelerate their genomics projects for convenience and cost-effectiveness. We provide a unified platform for enterprises to perform big data omics analytics on a  large scale- and with lightning speed. Features include:

  • Capability to solve the mismatch between omics data generation and analysis capacity.
  • Universal, scalable framework to manage and analyse extremely heterogeneous omics data and making them real-time and actionable.
  • Platform that functions as the ERP of omics, combining all omics data – public, proprietary and meta data – into a single application.  The result is data  that is fully harmonised in a unified framework.

One Integrated Workflow

One Integrated Workflow

Information on every organism of our planet is instantly searchable. Determine the scope of your analysis and zoom in-and-out on results and interpretation without borders.



Ultra Scalable

A search engine for applying algorithmic principles for the quick retrieval of biological sequence data on all molecular layers enables analysis of big data, across multiple data sources, at high speed, with a high degree of high accuracy.




HYFT™ Information Network as a Hybrid Solution


HYFTs™ are signature sequences across species that serve as structural anchor points and carry a multitude of information layers. All of those patterns make up the HYFTs™ information network that can be linked to relevant real-world data such as clinical data, disease pathways, compound data…



A Revolutionary Approach to Structure and Function Prediction

Completely integrating sequence and 3D structure analysis will revolutionise protein structure and function prediction and boost developments in precision medicine.



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Prof. Dirk Valkenborg from Hasselt University explains the benefits of working with BioStrand's technology.

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