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Software and proprietary solutions for MULTI-omics data analysis.
Effective research requires convenient and scalable tools.
AI Drug discovery requires an end-to-end solution.

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AI and Bioinformatics have never been more integrative and powerful

One integrated workflow

One integrated workflow

Information on every organism of our planet is instantly searchable. Determine the scope of your analysis and zoom in and out on results and interpretation without borders.



Ultra scalable

A Google-like approach to applying algorithmic principles for the quick retrieval of biological sequence data on all molecular layers enables analysis of big data, across multiple data sources, at high speed, with high accuracy.




HYFT™ information network as a hybrid solution


HYFTs™ are signature sequences across species that serve as structural anchor points and carry a multitude of information layers. All those patterns make up the HYFTs™ information network that can be linked to relevant real world data such as clinical data, disease pathways, compound data…



A revolutionary approach for structure and function prediction

Completely integrating sequence and 3D structure analysis will revolutionise protein structure and function prediction and boost developments in precision medicine.



E-book A Better Way to Analyse Multi-Omics Data

Solve the Challenges of Genomic Data Analysis

Learn how to avoid complex technical issues, long setup times, slow processing, long waiting times for results, and no flexibility or control.

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The end result is powerful technology, easily accessible.

Sequence analysis through a single search bar.

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