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Introducing the next generation technology for biological sequence processing

Make genomic analysis effective

As it stands, genomic data analysis is a complex series of operations, which oftentimes only highly skilled professionals are able to perform. These analyses require an enormous amount of computing power and data storage.

Despite all this, there are still incredible amount of errors, and researchers must be satisfied with approximations

BioStrand now revolutionizes sequence data analysis with our fundamentally new method.

We make sure that genomic data analysis finally can keep pace with genetic data generation.

Experience more options and research pathways

Experience more options and research pathways

Bioinformatics algorithms have often been built for a specific job or area of research. To make the job computationally feasible the size of the dataset that is analysed has to be restricted, requiring ‘prefiltering’ and narrow search spaces.

BioStrand data analysis can:

  • Give you a more complete picture without having to limit discovery and analysis
  • Lessen the burden of choice which can be incomplete or inadequate
  • Allow analysis on all available data at once for an integrated view of results which can be drilled down to the details for unlocking true and complete knowledge


A multipurpose workflow

Omics data analysis has historically been a very complex and time-consuming task, requiring pipelines have to be built out of a multitude of analysis tools. Pipelines are hyper focused and require trained specialists to build and use them.

With BioStrand all in one platform:

  • Reduce complexity of analysis and improve ease of use
  • Obtain a one source interface that is simple
  • Decrease number of steps required that impede global overview of research
  • Leverage a powerful workflow that covers all necessary steps for finding and analysing similar sequences or detects variations across all species


A multipurpose workflow

Extract more information from the data

Extract more information from the data

The algorithms used in bioinformatics are developed for very specific areas of research and are often too simplistic.

These algorithms are especially computationally intensive, which can mean only partial information is discovered.

BioStrand is:

  • A tool to widen the scope for local and global alignment, or be more specific in data extraction
  • The possibility to extract all information, ensuring knowledge does not remain untapped
  • A less resource demanding algorithm which is necessary for fields such sequence alignment and functional annotation.


Better data management and integration

Today all omics-related data resides in silos. A large number of databases exist which contain a heterogeneity in information from different origins which vary largely in size and in quality.

Dataset comparison is disjointed, and can require significant extra work.

With BioStrand Data Management and Integration:

  • Compare your own data with existing datasets
  • Combine sequence data with textual data
  • Discover associations between DNA, RNA and protein levels
  • Maintain global oversight of results


Better data management and integration

The end result is powerful technology, easily accessible.

Sequence analysis through a single search bar.

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