Our partners

We are committed to deliver excellent and robust technical services and guarantee maximum data security.
That is why we collaborate with partners that are leading in their field.

Technical partners

A cloud-first data platform for building high-performance, machine learning-enabled applications that connect data and application silos.

AWS provides us with their inherent scalability and an ecosystem that is prepared to handle sensitive data and workloads.

Commercial partners

Globachem is an international, family-owned agrochemical company. We are specialized in developing, registering and marketing high quality crop protection products for agriculture and horticulture.

Marketing partners

Making your organisation stand out in the media landscape and give a clear voice in the debate.

We show what you stand for, what your vision is and above all: why you make a difference in your line of business. The net result of which is an increased street-credibility and a stronger reputation.

Rethink your digital marketing strategy and turn your website into your most important sales tool.

With the appearance of new technologies, your customers have gained back their own independence. It is now up to them to decide when and where they are open to the products and solutions you are offering.

Network partners

Our mission is to create value for our members through an appropriate focus in our actions and to act as a respected source of information for key stakeholders/media and a voice to the local governments.

How do you best handle digitization as a hospital or care institute ? We help you and give an inspiration workshop for your healthcare leadership with concrete ideas as result.

As part of Brigham Health Genomic Medicine program, an integrated clinical program and crowdsourcing strategy for genomic sequencing and Mendelian disease gene discovery was designed and is being implemented at the various clinical research organizations in the US and worldwide.

Flanders Vaccine supports the development of immunotherapeutics and vaccines for both prophylactic and therapeutic targets in humans and animals by facilitating the exchange of know-how and complementary innovative technologies between academia and industry.