BioStrand Team

BioStrand’s team consists of the company’s founders and a core of dedicated experts who empower each other to create disruptive solutions in genetic research. We aim to lead and redefine the way healthcare, life sciences, and bioscience is practiced.

Ingrid Brands MD PhD

CEO, co-founder and owner

As co-founder Ingrid was appointed Chief Executive Officer when BioStrand was founded...


Dirk Van Hyfte MD PhD

CTO, co-founder and owner

Dirk accepted to be Chief Technology Officer when BioStrand was founded in 2019. Driven by...


Arnout Van Hyfte

CCO and founding team

Arnout is part of BioStrand’s founding team when the company was established in 2019. In his...


Dieter Devlaminck PhD

Data Engineer

Dieter joined BioStrand in 2020 as Data Scientist. His earlier role as data engineer at Predicube, a...


Georgios Triantopoulos MSc

Data Scientist

Georgios accepted the Data Scientist position in June 2020. Given his multidisciplinary skillset...


Sébastien Lemal PhD

Data Scientist

Sebastien continues his career as Data Scientist with BioStrand since June 2020. As he has...


Yegor Korovin PhD

Data Scientist

Yegor started his role as DataScientist in October 2020. He brings a wealth of research experience...


Illia Panin

Frontend developer

Illia joined as Frontend developer in December 2020. Through his experience...


Christophe Van Neste PhD

Bio-informatician & Data Scientist

Christophe brings a wealth of cross domain expertise and international...


Audrey Coiffic PhD

Business Development Manager

Audrey is a senior Business Development manager bringing a...


Dilara Sakalli

Digital Marketeer

Dilara is a digital marketing expert with years of experience...


Thijs van Ulden

Data Engineer

Thijs brings experience in system architecture to support...


Maxim Biemans

Data Engineer

Maxim has experience in both system architecture and data science...


Your name here?

Data engineer

We are looking for an experienced data engineer to strengthen our development team...

BioStrand Board

Els Paesmans, BioStrand Board

Els Paesmans

Els Paesmans, founder of Globachem, director of K&E, non-executive member of the Board of Directors.

Els, together with her husband Koen Quaghebeur, co-founded Globachem in 2000, a leading Belgian crop protection company, currently active in more than 50 countries and with a turnover of more than 150 million euro. Globachem focuses on innovation, internationalisation and continuous improvement. Els remains active as Globachem’s director with special attention to Finance and HR. The team exists of almost 100 inspired employees, with the core values summarised in the word “FRAMILY”: Fun, Respect, Ambition, teaMwork, Innovation, fLexibility and familY.

Besides this, Els also provides smart investment in a number of successful companies.

Director of VOKA-Chamber of Commerce Limburg Belgium. Master's degree in Agricultural Science (Agricultural Engineer) and post-graduate degree in Business Economic from the University of Leuven, Belgium


Koen Quaghebeur, BioStrand Board

Koen Quaghebeur

Koen co-founded Globachem in 2000, a leading Belgian crop protection company currently active in more than 50 countries.

Born and raised in a family of farmers, he joined the AVEVE Group, a Belgian cooperative, where he had various functions starting from marketing and technical support of seeds, fertilizers and plant protection products,as well as sales. purchasing, and management functions. Koen remains active as Globachem’s director drawing from his experience in product strategy, sales, and regulatory affairs in crop protection. Currently he also provides smart investment in a number of now globally successful companies.

Member of iGMO, the Impulse Center for Growth Management for medium-sized Enterprises of the Vlerick Business School, Brussels, Belgium

Master's degree in Agricultural Science (Agricultural Engineer) and post-graduate degree in Business Economic from the University of Leuven, Belgium


Stijn Bijnens, BioStrand Board

Stijn Bijnens

Stijn was until recently Director of LRM, an investment company that plays a crucial role in stimulating economic growth in the Belgian province of Limburg.

He recently accepted a new role as Chief Executive Officer at CEGEKA, one of the most innovative digital technology players in Europe. Under his mentorship BioStrand will flourish commercially and technically.

Master of Science, computer Science from the University of Leuven


Dirk Witters, BioStrand Board

Dirk Witters

Dirk Witters is an accomplished business and financial consultant who advises the Van Hyfte family on investment strategies for several of their start-up companies.

Prior to establishing himself as an independent advisor, Dirk developed a career in corporate and investment banking at KBC Group. He was CEO of KBC's activities in France. At KBC Securities he was responsible for the group-wide approach of large family businesses.

Master in Business Studies at the Vlerick Business Institute, Brussels, Belgium


"Of all follies there is none greater than wanting to make the world a better place"

- Jean-Baptiste Molière