Ann Boone MBA

Marketing & Business Development


Ann is a seasoned sales and business development leader with 10 years’ experience in healthcare, and the life science, pharmaceuticals and clinical software industry.

Excited by the huge potential of this disruptive genetic research and genomics software solution, Ann joined BioStrand in 2020 as inbound marketing strategist to aggressively push sales and channel eco-systems access through market engagement programmes. Her experience selling across the technology continuum also include brand development and commercial growth.

25 years of experience in software sales with industry leaders such as InterSystems, Symantec and Nlyte, forged her unique lead generation and business development skills.

Founder of Relief from Pain Charity, dedicated to re-introducing complementary therapies and wellness into hospital care teams

Master in Business Administration, University of Brussels, Belgium

Master in Chinese Studies at the University of Leuven, Belgium