Christophe Van Neste PhD

Bio-informatician & Data Scientist


Christophe has been a full-time member of our data-science team since January 2021. Because of his extensive academic and practical experience in bio-engineering and bio-informatics, his main responsibility and focus is on customer data ingestion, grouping and analysis. He also prepares data to be processed by the BioStrand Genetic Research Information Platform.

Christophe is a multidisciplinary researcher with extensive international experience in Belgium, Italy, the United States, and Saudi Arabia. His unique combination of biology and computer science knowledge will allow him to repeat his previous success and expand current platform capability to automatically reveal and disclose unknown insights on (proprietary) research data, helping researchers finding novel results and successes.


Postdoctoral research fellow - Bioinformatics and data mining in Paediatric Cancer Research. Centre for Medical Genetics in Ghent  

 Postdoctoral Research Fellow - Applying text mining and machine learning to the medical literature, to advance cancer research. Using graph methods on the text-derived knowledge graphs, generating novel insights. Teacher assistant in the course "AI in bioinformatics." at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Thuwal, Saudi Arabia.

 Doctorate Ghent PhD BioinformaticsDissertation titled "Porting forensic DNA analysis to deep sequencing" 

 Master degree in Bio-Engineering at Ghent University, Ghent, Belgium