Julie Delanote

Data Analyst


Julie's journey as a Data Analyst at BioStrand began in December 2022.

She graduated in bioinformatics and systems biology in July 2022 and already received a master’s degree in business and information systems engineering in July 2020. With both degrees she has learned to think from a systems perspective that will help to form a bridge between omics data analysis, biology and business management. Her multidisciplinary skillset and motivation to learn allows her to participate in several processes at BioStrand.

Apart from that, she has a great scientific interest in immunology, nutritional and microbiome science and preventive medicine in which she has already obtained some certificates.



Master’s in Business and Information Systems Engineering magna cum Laude,  KU Leuven

Master’s in Bioinformatics & Systems Biology, summa cum laude, Ghent University

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