Job offer: Data Engineer

About your job 


We are looking for a creative, daring and entrepreneurial mind to strengthen our team!

At BioStrand, data engineers architect, design and implement our cloud-based platform technology. This means you become part of a multi- disciplinary team with very broad responsibilities and skills. Although we are not big on putting a label on everyone, skills and competences in the team cover cloud architecture, security & IAM, information management, data engineering (data streaming, lambda/kappa architectures, data batching), software engineering, devops & CI/CD, and many others.

Our scalable SaaS platform runs on AWS and is optimized to process high throughputs of data and support computionally heavy algorithms and AI. It is set up to allow fast innovation by our Data Scientist Team while boasting a fast cycle of early developments to production-grade services. Our Front-End Team wraps up all these goodies into an enjoyable, user-friendly user experience for our customers.

Our goal is ambitious; to build the genomic analysis tools of the future! We are constantly on the lookout for talented people to take on this challenge with us.

Who are you?

  • You have a Masters’ degree in Computer Science engineering, Informatics or equivalent
  • You are trained in or you have extensive experience with supporting cloud-native / SaaS software and you are familiar with AWS. You gained experience through executing multiple projects in different fields
  • You have experience in application lifecycle management, continuous integration and necessary tools (Jira, Git, GKE etc.)
  • You are trained in typed programming languages such as Go(Lang). Knowledge of Python is a plus. You know how to organise and write code to make it easily testable
  • You have a good overview of the pros and cons of different storage engines (ElasticSearch, Redis, MongDB, PostgreSQL, ...). So, you can make well informed decisions on what is needed to drive the backend services
  • You have experience with distributed systems, service oriented architectures, microservices and event driven architectures. You know how to deploy them reliably and understand their inherent complexities to keep them available and know how to deal with failures. You have first-hand experience in trouble shooting for distributed systems, i.e. partial failures, unreliable networks, unreliable clocks... Consistency, availability and partition tolerance are no strange terms to you
  • You are familiar with decomposing applications in services, e.g. using domain-driven design
  • You have experience with different data communication modes such as REST, gRPC, message-passing...
  • You know how to implement proper security and privacy across the whole platform according to industry standards (IAM, authorization /authentication flows, GDPR, ...)
  • Any experience with SCRUM or Agile working is considered a plus (we use the Atlassian Stack)
  • You are a dynamic self-starter; you are agile in planning and organizing your work
  • You have strong written and oral communication skills in English
  • You feel comfortable working in a fast-paced cross-functional environment
  • You are an excellent team player, open to giving and receiving ideas, perspectives and feedback

What's in it for you?

  • A full-time job based at BioVille, Diepenbeek, in the neighbourhood of Hasselt University.
  • You will be part of a growing, dynamic team of an amazing BioTech company with huge ambitions, recently acquired by IPA.
  • We value personal growth, and mentoring/coaching will be made available to you by very experienced people, allowing for a very rapid personal growth path.
  • We don’t believe in complex, hierarchical structures. You’ll report directly to the Head of Technology, who is an active, participating member of the team you’ll join.
  • You can be a part of making the world a better place by enabling faster, better and more cost-effective research. This is how we want to disrupt –OMICS analysis and change the industry standards.
  • A competitive remuneration package, including car, laptop and a mobile phone
  • A healhty work-life balance, with flexibility in organizing your own work and 3 days remote working per week.

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