The BioStrand AI platform

The true potential of our HYFTTM proprietary database unlocked

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Accelerate your discovery process with tools and expertise for:

Assay design

Drug development and gene therapy

Crop protection products


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Mastering data complexity

In the AI platform we use state-of-the-art graph-based datamining to discover and synthesise knowledge out of a multitude of information sources.

Accurate Analysis Tools:

The BioStrand genomic analysis tools provide an unmatched accuracy in annotation and variation analysis such as in the large-scale whole genome data of patients with a specific disease.

Complete Data Input:

NLP-like techniques within BioStrand make unstructured data such as patient record data, scientific literature, clinical trial data, chemical data computable.

Add structured databases which contain info such as ICD codes, lab tests, and more, creating seamless integration of all data.

Comprehensive Datamining:

In the BioStrand AI platform we combine graph-based datamining with the power of our HYFTs™ database.

The HYFTs™ are signature sequences across species that serve as structural anchor points and carry a multitude of information layers.

The HYFTs™ unlock the true power hidden in omics data. Ultimately this enables us to pinpoint to very specific targets and revolutionise the development of assays, biomarkers, drugs and crop protection products.

Cutting edge insights and expert advice for:

Pharma and biotech industry

We help to solve your questions related to the development of biomarkers or drug targets for specific patient groups.


We help to unravel your questions with regard to microbiomes and finding targets for the development of crop protection products

Food tech

We are ready to solve questions related to optimising production processes such as selecting the optimal yeast or bacteria subgroups.


We bring microbiome analysis to the next level which enables you to develop real personalised skin care products.

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