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End-to-end genomics for the data-driven research organisation

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Unified Platform at Enterprise-Scale, Fully Integrated Multi-Omics Analysis

Multi-omics analysis

Simultaneous multi-database searching

Sequence input or free text

Lightning quick processing speed


No prefiltering

Actionable results

Multiple sequence alignment

Extremely scalable

Vertical data integration


The BioStrand Data Management and Analysis Platform empowers organisations to seamlessly and cost-effectively perform big data omics analytics at enterprise scale.

Today there is a mismatch between omics data generation and analysis capacity. Omics data requires enormous resources to process and store. Once analysed data are only partially actionable making them underexploited and even more expensive.

Biostrand developed a universal and scalable framework to manage and analyse this pool of extremely heterogeneous omics data and making them  actionable in real-time.

The ERP of Omics, BioStrand is an agile, flexible, and scalable platform, combining all omics data – public and proprietary – into a single database, application, and user interface. Intuitive, user-friendly, self-service tools and workflows enable universal usability across domains. The result is harmonised data fully democratised under a unified framework.




Comprehensive Capabilities for High-Scale Efficiency

Integrated Analysis

Combine Omics Data and Meta Data

Integrate, normalise and unify multisource, multimethod, multidisciplinary data for integrated analysis

Unified Inference Framework

Based on All Your Data

Unified inference framework with an integrated suite of best-of-breed AI/ML-powered tools, processes and workflows that facilitate multivariate, multidimensional, system-level analysis. Plus, the ability to quickly and easily integrate this unified analytics engine with existing/legacy research tools, processes and workflows


In Sync with Data Production

Scale data and analytics access to multiple research teams/users across multiple locations within the organisation seamlessly and cost-effectively.

Increase Your Productivity

Connect Your Departments

Accelerate time to value, insight and innovation with high-usability self-service tools that augment the productivity and efficiency of all researchers – from seasoned bioinformaticians to citizen data scientists.

What Can Be Done with the BioStrand Platform?

Virtually everything, as long as it is centred around a biological sequence.

Accelerate Your R&D Projects

  • Omics data analysis time reduced
  • Get rid of pipeline queues
  • Accessible for data science experts and non-experts alike

Improve Target Discovery Rate

  • Easy construction of multi-dimensional models
  • Unleash the hidden value of your datasets with a new way to integrate multiple data sources simultaneously

Our multidimensional information model can be used in...

Immune Analysis

easy cross database analysis to identify antibody sites, detect autoimmunity, etc.

Single Cell Analysis

from accurate and fast cell identification to complete multi-sample analysis

Function Classification

leverage your complete knowledge base to classify and identify unknown functions

Cohort Stratification

based on metadata and omics data integration – accelerate biomarker detection, e.g., cancer patients, drug response, toxicity

Drug Discovery

accelerate candidate screening

Population Studies

to discover novel phenotypes, potential drug targets, etc.

Pathway Analysis

fully integrating out of the box all omics layers, ranging from DNA to RNA to Proteins, allows for large-scale pathway analysis to discover new disease mechanisms

Microbiome Studies

by being able to take into account data from multiple species across omics layers you can better cluster and stratify microbial make-up and functions

Data Curation

be in control of all data dimensions to spot outliers in your data and efficiently curate your data

AI and ML Applications

to predict functions, detect targets, analyse the severity of variations, find novel disease mechanisms, etc.

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The BioStrand Data Value Proposition for Omics Research

The core BioStrand value proposition is that all data is readily available for any type of analysis at any time. With the BioStrand platform, research organisations integrate data once, update data as needed, and access it instantly.

Platform scalability

All Biological Data, Including Historic Data

Biological data is not a perishable commodity. Even historic data filtered through modern technologies, techniques, and frameworks can reveal novel insights. However, most historic omics data, consigned to pre-digital format archives, requires expensive and time-consuming (pre)processing to qualify for contemporary analysis.

With BioStrand, all data-historic, postgenomic, or real-time- is instantly available for analysis at any time. Our platform’s unique approach to sequencing and storing data, including links to all relevant metadata with a single source of truth that accelerates knowledge extraction and empowers multi-omics research.

Biological Data and High-Volume Data

This is the big data ‘V’ that currently poses the biggest challenge to conventional bioinformatics tools and solutions. At BioStrand, it was just another key design mandate that informed platform development.

The BioStrand platform’s container-based architecture is designed to auto-scale seamlessly to handle over 200 petabytes of data with zero on-ramping issues. With the capacity to index a million sequences with an average length of 320 characters in about three minutes, the BioStrand platform comes with built-in access to 350 million normalised and indexed sequences compiled from 11 publicly available data sources. With its highly parallelised indexing capabilities, the SaaS platform can easily index hundreds of petabytes of data and handle data normalisation, storage, analysis, cross-comparison, and presentation


All Biological Data, Irrespective of Type, Domain/Regulation or Species

The shift from omics to multi-omics research is now evolving further towards a systems biology-based cross-sectorial research that integrates all omics data at a pangenomic scale. The primary challenge here is to integrate huge volumes of multidimensional and heterogeneous datasets into one unified data model for integrated analysis.

At BioStrand, we addressed this challenge with a biological innovation called HYFT™ that can identify unique signature sequences, or biological fingerprints, in DNA, RNA and AA. These unique signature sequences – HYFT™ patterns – allow us to tokenize all biological data across functions, domains, species etc., to a common omics language. With our transversal HYFT™-based omics language, we can integrate all omics layer data, together with relevant metadata, to build a complete and dynamic multi-dimensional information model.

The BioStrand Data Value Proposition advances the fundamental principles of an integrated model of genomics research by enabling the unification, normalisation and standardisation of all forms of biological data for holistic analysis. With the BioStrand platform, research organisations now have access to a universal framework that automates the integration of pan-omics data and facilitates quick, efficient, accurate and holistic genomics research

The BioStrand Platform Access Model

The BioStrand SaaS platform gives research organisations the pay-as-you-go advantage of the cloud. Additionally, the platform also provides two distinct models to work with BioStrand.

BioStrand provides access to analyse your data in multiple ways:

  1. UI and web-based tools: This provides easy access for domain specialists with no computer science background. Until now, this user segment had to rely extensively on IT experts and skilled bioinformaticians, which significantly hindered research efficiency and productivity. The intuitive, user-friendly tools and workflows of the BioStrand platform help level the learning curve associated with similar solutions, enabling even users without technical skills to use the solution.
  2. Programmatic access via CLI and API: This approach supports more complex operations on data as the BioStrand platform’s advanced capabilities can be leveraged by skilled bioinformaticians and data scientists for complete programmatic access to and control of the analytics process, including access to sophisticated ML and AI frameworks.

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