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HYFTs™ Connecting the Dots & Databases

There are still multiple challenges in the management, processing, analysis, cross-study comparison, etc. of big data in biological research.

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E-book A Better Way to Analyse Multi-Omics Data

A Better Way to Analyse Multi-Omics Data

Learn how to avoid complex technical issues, long setup times, slow processing, long waiting times for results, and no flexibility or control.

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Innovating Omics Analysis White Paper

Innovating Omics Analysis

It is becoming increasingly clear that bioinformatics and genomics will require disruptive rather than incremental innovation in order to keep pace with the analytical demands of big data generated by fourth-generation NGS technologies.

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Product Information

Infographic Preview Convenience Scalability Accuracy Integration

Multi Omics Data Search and Analysis

R&R: Convenience, Scalability, Accuracy, Integration.
BioStrand introduces next generation technology for omics data analysis.

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BioStrand R&R product display

Retrieve & Relate

R&R makes your life as a researcher much easier and allows you to focus and discover new findings.

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Retrieve & Relate

This ultimate multi-OMICs search engine offers you a shortcut to new insights & knowledge hidden in your data.

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Multi-OMICs Data Analysis & Management

Our enterprise platform empowers organisations to seamlessly and cost effectively perform big data analytics at scale.

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