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Convenient re-SEARCH: Search simultaneously through the most popular publicly available databases. Always continuously updated. With this option, you have full access to all publicly available databases and all features of R&R.

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EUR150  + storage

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Add your own DATA: Add your own proprietary data and enjoy combining those with the public knowledge bases to enrich your work. With this option you can have all your research data made actionable and insightful without increasing compute costs.

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Subscription plan R&R R&R+
Queries unlimited unlimited
Seats included 1 1
User Administration
Create team
Create workspaces
Sequences in patents
Secure proprietary data storage
Functional annotation
Taxonomic classification
Sequence analysis
Multiple sequence alignment
Pathway analysis
Gene finding coming soon coming soon
Gene ontology mapping
Support and Maintenance
Syncing database updates
New database addition
Feature updates
Tutorial videos
Multi-channel support
Automated data ingestion
Support tickets included 5 15
Dedicated support optional
Genius club access
Result export
Additional costs
Compute included included
Data storage no per GB

Exclusively for phd students

R&R Academic Edition

We at BioStrand support universities and students working in omics analysis and related research fields, and offer discount for our platform. That's why we offer a special & affordable price for students. After your free trial, you can keep benefiting from R&R for 50 EUR/ year.

Access to all features & functions

All public databases are available

Helps you to accelerate your research significantly

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How can I upload my own data?

You can simply upload your data after you upgrade your subscription to R&R+. 

Which data formats can I upload?

Here are the appropriate formats that you can upload: FASTA, CSV and XLSX.

Is my subscription yearly?

Yes, all paid subscriptions are on a year basis.

Is my data safe?

Yes, your data will be stored in cloud and will be secured with your password. So you will be only one to have access to it.

Can you also provide a custom project?

Yes, for all the custom projects, please see our enterprise solution: omics data analysis & management here.

If the size of my data increases, do the compute costs also rise?

No, compute costs are always going to be fixed, there won't be additional charges to you. It is included.

Can I get support from you?

Yes, within all the subscriptions we provide support on your queries. We are here to help you.

Can I download my search results?

Yes, you can export your results easily. Here is how you can do it step by step.